Hello, I'm Kasper Pihl, a Danish photographer, saxophonist and educator. 
Music and photography are polar opposites; music exists in time, indeed it only makes sense in a passing of time, where as photography is the freezing of time in 1/500th of a second. You cannot keep music, only its containers (CDs, sheet music, files etc.) – a photograph is a kept situation and has, by far, most value as a physical print. 
As a musician you must 'visualize' the sounds you are about to make, the sound, the pitch, the attack. Once it is done it is too late to alter. Maybe that is why I am so attracted to analogue photography, with no display on he back to tell you what you have got – you have to get it in your mind's eye. The proces goes on in the darkroom until you have a finished print in your hands … and it stays there, so unlike music.
I love both art forms dearly, but in later years photography has been taking up more and more of my time, both with exhibitions and books but also as an educator at Kolding School of Arts.
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